Southern Border Broadband Consortium

加拿大28走势图查询 has a commitment to enhance the quality of life experienced in Imperial Valley by engaging in initiatives that contribute to the diversification of the regional economy. In 2016, 加拿大28走势图查询 formed the Southern Border Broadband Consortium (SBBC) utilizing an initiative from the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) along with representatives from all economic sectors to improve the availability and adoption of affordable broadband technology for unserved and underserved areas of Imperial and San Diego counties.

Closing the Digital Divide

Without broadband connectivity, residents lack access to advanced healthcare services, online banking, distance learning, employment opportunities, business resources and more. A connected community is one with access to critical online services and an enhanced quality of life.

Resources for Local Governments
California Digital Equity Plan

The State of California is requesting input from community members, leaders and local government for the State's Digital Equity Plan, which will determine how billions of dollars are allocated to our communities.

Join upcoming virtual meetings and stay up-to-date on the progress. Learn more.

Participate in a statewide public survey and ensure your voice is heard. Take the survey.

Get Connected!

The Affordable Connectivity Program can help eligible households reduce their monthly internet bill up to $30. These households are also eligible for a one-time $100 discount when buying a laptop or tablet from participating providers. The ACP eligibility and application process has been streamlined to make it easy for qualified households to start saving on their internet bill as soon as possible. To learn more about ACP and fill out an application, please or call 866-745-2805.

Eligible households include those who have a household income of $60,000 or less for a family of 4 (add $9,000 per additional family member), or those who have one or more household member who is a recipient of one of the following:

  • Medi-Cal

  • CalFresh

  • National School Lunch Program

  • Pell Grant

  • SSI

  • WIC

Learn more about the program and eligibility.

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